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Head Spa Services

Head Spa / Scalp Facial Preview ( 1 Minute )

See the below descriptions for specifics for each service

Head Spa


Scalp facial service 

+head, neck & shoulder massage

+water ring treatment

+option1- customized mini deluxe facial 


+option 2 - hand treatment / massage

                    & eye treatment masks 

Scalp Facial


Deep cleansing of scalp, includes microscope analysis & steam cap treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Water ring treatment
What is a Head Spa?

A head spa is a salon service that combines a scalp facial with spa amenities like massage, mini spa treatments, and water therapy treatments. It originates from Japan where they believe that the key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp.

Microscope scalp analysis
What is a Scalp Facial?

A scalp facial is a salon service that promotes a healthy scalp, hair health & hair growth. It is customized to your specific scalp and hair needs. Microscope analysis of the scalp is performed before and after the treatment, a steam cap treatment, deep cleansing and scalp massage are performed.

Scalp steam treatment
Who would benefit from these services?

Anyone dealing with scalp issues (dry scalp, oily scalp, dandruff, etc.), anyone concerned with overall hair health or thinning hair, and anyone who is looking to relax and unwind. If one of your favorite parts of going to the salon is the shampoo & head massage, you will love a Head Spa or Scalp Facial, as they are extended versions of the shampoo experience.



Shampoo brush massage
When is this service not a good fit?

A scalp facial or head spa cannot be performed if a guest currently has hair extensions, braids, or locs. These hairstyles make scalp exfoliation difficult and can be loosened and/or damaged during the service.



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